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Frequently Asked Questions

What is AWS pricing calculator?

- AWS Pricing Calculator What is AWS Pricing Calculator? AWS Pricing Calculator is a web-based planning tool that you can use to create estimates for your AWS use cases. You can use it to model your solutions before building them, explore the AWS service price points, and review the calculations behind your estimates.

How do I estimate a bill on AWS?

To estimate a bill, use the AWS Simple Monthly Calculator. Enter your planned resources by service, and the Simple Monthly Calculator provides an estimated cost per month. To forecast your costs, use the AWS Cost Explorer. Use cost allocation tags to divide your resources into groups, and then estimate...

How do I estimate the cost of migration to AWS?

To estimate the costs of migrating on-premises infrastructure to AWS, use the AWS Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Calculator. If you plan to migrate significant infrastructure to AWS, use the AWS Sales & Business Development contact form, and then choose I need to speak to someone in sales.

Is there a monthly cost calculator for Amazon S3 and EC2?

Note: The Simple Monthly Calculator described in this post, while still functional, has been superseded by the newer and more powerful set of AWS TCO Calculators. We created a JavaScript-based tool that allows you to calculate your monthly cost for using Amazon S3, Amazon EC2, and Amazon SQS.

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