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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a bachelors degree better than a Masters degree?

While a master's program is generally shorter than a bachelors, the level of study is higher. So, for example, a bachelor's degree in business administration is generally a lower degree than a master's in business administration, though someone doing an MBA may have done very little business work before the masters. Degrees between schools are not regarded the same way either. So conceivably a masters from a poorly regarded school may be not really viewed better than a bachelor's from a top ...

What is difference between Bachelor and undergraduate degree?

What is difference between bachelor and undergraduate degree? Most undergraduate students will have completed further education studies in the form of A-levels, BTECs or equivalent qualifications. You’re an undergraduate student if you are studying for your first degree – usually a Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Science (BSc).

Who is the next 'Bachelor'?

ABC officially has named Clayton Echard as the next “Bachelor.” ABC Life is nothing but roses for Clayton Echard now. ABC officially has named Michelle Young’s ex as the next “Bachelor.”

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