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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Bank of America offer HSA accounts?

Best HSA Accounts for 2021 Lively. Lively is an HSA provider that allows you to either invest your funds or earn interest on cash balances. Fidelity HSA. Fidelity allows you to open an account with no minimum initial deposit and no HSA fees. ... Bank of America. ... HealthEquity. ... Further. ... DCU Credit Union. ... HealthSavings Administrators. ... Affinity Federal Credit Union. ... More items...

What banks offer HSA accounts?

HSA Provider: HealthEquity Optum Bank HSA Bank Fidelity Investments UMB Healthcare Services Bank of America

Does Vanguard offer HSA accounts?

Vanguard will offer sponsors the ability to provide a leading HSA solution to their employees that features low-cost Vanguard funds or the same investment options as their 401 (k) plan line-up. HSAs can be an effective, highly tax-efficient means to save for health care expenses in retirement, as outlined by recent Vanguard research.

What banks offer health savings accounts?

A health savings account allows people to save money for certain eligible medical costs. Reasons to look for banks offering health savings accounts include: lower insurance premiums. funds saved and spent from an HSA account are tax-free.

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