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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bank of America good stock for retirees?

Specifically, if a retiree has plenty of income and is looking for a bank stock that offers decent upside potential, then Bank of America is one of the best bets among the nation's biggest banks. Shares of the North Carolina-based bank trade for one of the lowest valuations in its industry.

Is Bank of America publicly traded?

Bank of America is a publicly traded corporation based in Charlotte, North Carolina. It’s owned by its shareholders. It’s not, as the name sort of implies, operated by the United States government. The national bank in the US is the Federal Reserve Bank, which is a bank that only serves other banks.

Who are the shareholders of Bank of America?

The Top 4 Bank of America Shareholders (BAC) Brian Moynihan, Bruce Thompson and Gary Lynch, all key executives at Bank of America Corporation (NYSE: BAC), are the three leading individual shareholders of Bank of America stock.

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