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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Bank of Oklahoma?

Bank of Oklahoma is part of BOK Financial (NASDAQ: BOKF), which traces its roots to 1910. BOK Financial is a strong and stable partner with more than $30 billion in assets and 4,700 employees in 10 states, with services throughout the nation.

Who is Bobok financial?

BOK Financial traces its roots to the Exchange National Bank of Tulsa, which was formed in 1910 when 4 oil investors bought the assets of Farmers National Bank, which suffered from bank failure. One of the bank's major investors was Harry F. Sinclair, who became the president of the bank.

Who owns Kaiser Bank of Oklahoma?

The company is more than 50% owned by George Kaiser, who acquired the bank in 1991 from the FDIC. It is the largest bank in Oklahoma, with 14% of the total deposits in the state. Known for its energy roots, as of June 30, 2021, 14% of its loan portfolio was to borrowers in the petroleum industry .

When did NBT change its name to bank of Oklahoma?

In 1975, NBT changed its name to Bank of Oklahoma (BOK). The following year, BOK began moving its headquarters employees into the new BOK Tower.

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