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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you calculate a Roth IRA?

Divide the basis of the IRA by the value of the IRA at the time you take the distribution to figure the tax-free percentage. Then multiply the percentage by the amount of the distribution.

What is the difference between a 401k and a Roth?

The basic difference between a traditional and a Roth 401(k) is when you pay the taxes. With a traditional 401(k), you make contributions with pre-tax dollars, so you get a tax break up front, helping to lower your current income tax bill. Your money—both contributions and earnings—grows tax-deferred until you withdraw it.

How do you convert IRA to Roth?

You can convert a SEP IRA to a Roth IRA with either a rollover or a transfer. With a rollover, you take a distribution from the SEP IRA and, within 60 days, redeposit the money in a Roth IRA. With a transfer, you tell the trustee of your SEP IRA to move the money directly to your Roth IRA.

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