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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you calculate withdrawal rate?

Withdrawal rate is calculated by taking the amount of funds withdrawn per year and dividing it by the size of the entire portfolio, and is typically expressed as a percentage. SWR and withdrawal rate are not the same thing.

When can I retire calculator?

According to SmartAsset's Social Security calculator, a 35-year-old today whose annual income is $65,000 could begin claiming about $44,000 a year in Social Security if they retire at age 66 (that's assuming they work for 35 years and claim the benefits at their designated retirement age).

How long will my money last?

If you spend more, you risk running out of money in less than 30 years. How long your money will last depends on your investment return. The rule was developed in the early 1990s by financial planner William Bengen, and has been supported by academics and analysts.

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