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Frequently Asked Questions

What is NC Baptist men?

Baptists on Mission, also known as NC Baptist Men, is an auxiliary of the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina that helps churches involve their members in missions through a variety of different ministries. Our vision is to see “every Christian sharing God’s love with hurting people through word and deed.”

What is the baptistbaptists on mission?

Baptists on Mission is continuously directing resources and mobilizing volunteers to bring hope back to these devastated communities, many of which have been long forgotten. As Christians, we can offer help and hope in Jesus’ name.

What is NCNC Baptists on mission disaster relief training?

NC Baptists on Mission Disaster Relief Training is available to all believers who have a passion to serve others. Disaster response is a unique mission experience because of the sudden nature of the event, difficult conditions, and high expectations from other relief organizations and survivors.

Where can I volunteer with baptistbaptists on mission?

Baptists on Mission volunteers are serving all across North Carolina in a variety of ways. Join us for ministry in a variety of ways and in a variety of places. There are many opportunities right in your community through Local Projects and "Operation InAsMuch".

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