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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Anas Barbariae?

Anas Barbariae is a commonly recommended homeopathic treatment for the prevention of flu symptoms. Uses. Benefits. Cautions. Interactions. Other names. References.

Is Oscillococcinum the same as Anas Barbariae?

Completely in line with the unscientific traditions of homeopathy, Oscillococcinum is denoted in Latin with the wrong name, “ Anas Barbariae, Hepatis et Cordis Extractum,” even though Anas ducks are quite different from Cairina ducks. What’s the difference between Anas ducks and Cairina Ducks?

What is Anas Barbariae homeopathic remedy?

Anas Barbariae, is one of the remedies in homeopathy useful in treating a variety of diseases, is an indispensable remedy, proved and incorporated in Homeopathy and discovered by Dr.Joseph Roy. Anas Barbariae is commonly known as Oscillococcinum. It belongs to the family of Sarcodes, healthy extracts of animals.

Is Anas Barbariae safe to take?

Cautions. Anas Barbariae seems to be safe. This is a homeopathic preparation. This means that it does not contain any active ingredient. Most experts believe that it will have no beneficial effect and also no negative side effects.

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