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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the criteria for the MLB Hall of Fame?

A player is eligible for election to the Baseball Hall of Fame if satisfies the following criteria: The player must have competed in ten seasons. A single game counts as a "season" in the eyes of the Hall. The player has been retired for at least five seasons. If a player comes back and plays in the major leagues,...

What are the requirements for the Hall of Fame?

Each Hall of Fame candidate must have been retired for at least five seasons and have played at least ten seasons in major league baseball. Inductees are selected by careful examination of their qualifications, including their playing record, character and integrity.

When was Baseball Hall of Fame created?

Baseball Hall of Fame was founded in 1959, exactly 20 years after the National Baseball Hall of Fame at Cooperstown, in the upstate of New York, to honor those who have made outstanding contributions to thedevelopment of baseball in Japan. A bronze relief dedicated to each of the Hall of Famers is hung in the Hall of Fame Gallery as a testament...

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