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Frequently Asked Questions

Will BBC Northern Ireland strike over planned cuts to jobs and programmes?

Members of the National Union of Journalists (NUJ) at BBC Northern Ireland have voted overwhelmingly in favour of potential strike action over planned cuts to jobs and programmes. In a consultative ballot, 89% voted for strike action and 95% for action short of strike on a 77% turnout.

What did Boris Johnson say when he visited Northern Ireland?

He casts new light on Boris Johnson's visit to Northern Ireland in November 2019 when the then prime minister told businesses they would not face new paperwork when sending goods to Great Britain. "If somebody asks you to do that tell them to ring up the prime minister and I will direct them to throw that form in the bin," Mr Johnson said.

Will Stormont funding cut places for Ni Students?

A Ukrainian couple in NI say their deafness adds extra challenges to settling into their new lives. But the university warns it may cut the number of places for NI students if Stormont funding is cut. The 28-year-old will appear in court charged with the attempted murder of two PSNI officers.

What does the Brexit protocol mean for Northern Ireland?

The protocol guarantees an open border between the EU and Northern Ireland, with no controls on exported products. However, Article 16 of the deal allows the EU or UK to suspend any aspects they consider are causing "economic, societal or environmental difficulties".

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