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Was the night of the Big Wind Ireland's worst storm?

Although it would be overshadowed by the disaster of the Great Famine, which started just six years later, Dr McCabe said the Night of the Big Wind was Ireland's "worst storm, certainly in modern history and going back to the 1500s and 1600s".

What is the deadliest hurricane ever recorded in Ireland?

In reality, the 1839 storm is considered the deadliest ever recorded on the island of Ireland. It struck without warning during the night of Sunday 6 January, bringing hurricane-force winds to a poor and vulnerable country, lasting 12 violent hours.

Will Stormont funding cut places for Ni Students?

A Ukrainian couple in NI say their deafness adds extra challenges to settling into their new lives. But the university warns it may cut the number of places for NI students if Stormont funding is cut. The 28-year-old will appear in court charged with the attempted murder of two PSNI officers.

How much of Northern Ireland's waste is recycled?

Northern Ireland recycles half its household waste. The new figures show 50.6% of black bin waste collected between July 2018 and June 2019 was reused.

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