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Frequently Asked Questions

What is BC famous for?

British Columbia Basics - What's BC Known for? The 'British' in British Columbia. Aboriginal populations have inhabited these bountiful lands for 10,000 years, ever since the major retreat of glaciers. Flag. The Flag of British Columbia is packed with symbols. ... Coat of Arms. ... Regions. ... Population. ... Largest Cities. ... Parks. ... Climate. ... Area Codes. ... Symbols. ... More items...

Is BC "better" than Bu?

BC has a higher acceptance rate (27.2%) than BU (18.9%) BC vs. BU Graduation Outcomes Comparison. Which is better, BC or BU? Graduation rate, salary and amount of student loan debt are indicators of a college which offers better outcomes for its graduates. Compare the following outcomes facts between BU and BC. The graduation rate at BC is higher that Boston University (91% vs. 85%) Graduates from Boston College earn on average $18,900 more per year than BU graduates after ten years ...

What is BC known for?

The Canadian province of British Columbia is known for many things. It's known for its mountains: It's known for the Strait of Georgia, which divides Vancouver Island from the mainland: BC is known for the city of Vancouver, one of the largest and most important urban centres in Canada:

Is BC before or after BCE?

The era preceding CE is known as before the Common Era or before the Current Era (BCE), whereas the Dionysian era distinguishes eras using AD (anno Domini, "[the] year of [the] Lord") and BC ("before Christ").

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