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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the fires still burning in Canada?

There’s no timeline to contain the forest fires still burning in Canada, causing dangerous air conditions in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Canadian soldiers arrived Tuesday to help battle raging wildfires on the country’s west coast, where about 13,000 people have been evacuated in recent days.

Where are the fires in BC?

The wildfire was discovered on July 23 in the Paysayten Wilderness of Washington state, approximately 10 kilometres south of the Canada/U.S. border. Since the first week of the fire, the BC Wildfire Service has been in regular communication with U.S. firefighting officials.

Where are the wildfires in Canada?

Dozens of huge wildfires in British Columbia come after Canadian province saw record-breaking heatwave. Residents in several parts of British Columbia have been ordered to evacuate as wildfires are raging across the Canadian province following a record heat wave that officials say contributed to hundreds of deaths.

Where are the Canadian fires?

A warming climate, very dry environment, and more extreme weather including severe thunderstorms has led to massive wildfires throughout the country. Two of the provinces hardest hit by these fires are Ontario and Manitoba .

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