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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Gibson BC Canada?

Gibsons is a coastal community of 4,605 located in southwestern British Columbia, Canada on the Strait of Georgia. It is the main marine gateway to the Sunshine Coast. Although Gibsons is on the British Columbia mainland, it is not accessible by road.

What is the area code for Nelson BC Canada?

Fort Nelson, British Columbia Area Code. Fort Nelson, BC Area Codes are. 250 and 778 and 236. Fort Nelson, BC utilizes an area code overlay in which area codes 250 and 778 and 236 serve the same geographic area.

What is the weather like in British Columbia Canada?

British Columbia's Climate. British Columbia is a humid subtropical climate. The average rainfall is 5.6 inches and average snowfall is 61 inches. British Columbia is known for earthquakes, and tornado's. But also known for the beautiful land and mountains. The climate is always nice and warm in the summer and spring, in the winter it is mild.

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