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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Beerus use Hakai on Mashirito?

In the anime, after Goku and Vegeta returned to the main timeline, Beerus uses Hakai on Dr. Mashirito's ghost during Mashirito's attack on the World Invention Conference for badmouthing him, destroying him permanently.

How does Beerus's Hakai attack work?

The attack is normally a Headshot, but if it does enough damage and the opponent is Goku Black, Beerus will instead use Hakai and erase the opponent from existence. Presumably, this is a reference to Beerus destroying Goku Black's past self, Zamasu.

What is Beerus' strongest technique?

Beerus's strongest technique, Hakai (破壊, lit. "Destruction") can be used to completely obliterate objects and entities within the universe. Hakai is able to instantly destroy the body and even souls of mortals and low-tier Gods, which can be seen in action when Beerus uses the technique on Zamasu and the ghost of Dr. Mashirito.

How does Beerus destroy things?

Hakai: Due to his status as a God of Destruction, Beerus is capable of erasing nearly anything with little effort. By extending one of his hands in front of him and uttering "Hakai", or simply pointing, Beerus causes the object he focuses on to disintegrate, erasing them from existence entirely.

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