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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Behance and Adobe Portfolio?

Key Difference: Behance is an online portfolio website, which basically allows users to create an online webpage and upload their work to it with the intention of showing it off. Like, Behance, Adobe Portfolio is also intended to be used to create an online portfolio. However, it has a lot more functionality than Behance.

What are copyright settings in Behance?

Your Copyright Settings. All participants on Behance select their own copyright settings. The choices are either Creative Commons with varying degrees of control and sharing, or No Use which prohibits anyone from citing your work or using it in any way, even with attribution. We strongly encourage participants to allow bloggers and others to cite their work with attribution, as we think this is a powerful marketing tool for all creative professionals.

Can you download from Behance?

With «Behance2pdf Converter» you can download your portfolio from Behance in a beautiful printed version. After you may see others pdf-portfolio in history and comment it. Sign up or Sign in to view personalized recommendations, follow creatives, and more.

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