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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Behance and Adobe Portfolio?

Key Difference: Behance is an online portfolio website, which basically allows users to create an online webpage and upload their work to it with the intention of showing it off. Like, Behance, Adobe Portfolio is also intended to be used to create an online portfolio. However, it has a lot more functionality than Behance.

How to create a portfolio website like Behance?

Create a portfolio website using Behance ProSite Choose a layout In the 'Layouts' panel you can save drafts of website designs you are working on or view your live page too To create your website, you ... Adding projects This close up view of the 'Projects' panel shows which of your Behance projects are synced to ProSite by a green dot You need to create a ... Customizing your template

Can I Share my Behance link with my client?

Behance portfolios are intended to be a means by which potential clients can see your work and contact you. So the short answer is no, this is not allowed. You might be able to add such a link and not get caught with it for a while. But if caught, you could be asked to remove it.

Can I Make my Behance profile private?

All Behance profiles are visible to the public, so unfortunately this is not an option. You can restrict the ability to view projects by changing the privacy options in the project itself, but your profile still will be searchable via search engines. To restrict access to any project: Click on the Project. Navigate to the Project's Settings.

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