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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best font for laser cutting?

Across the board for laser cutting, Arial Back is Ponoko’s favorite option for the best finish on both cutting and engraving. It’s consistent thickness means you’ll spend less time on painstaking edits to small features. Using this font for signage and for engraved electronics panels will help ensure your parts are legible and fit for purpose.

Is wolgastrand a good font for laser cutting?

When using it for laser cutting only the letters “i” or “j” might need some manual modification to connect the dot. WolgastRand is a beautiful script font. It is elegant but still with the personal touch of a handwritten font. Therefore it will look good in many laser cut projects.

Can you use ballet font for laser cut nursery signs?

Therefore, I can see this font working very well for laser cut nursery signs or wedding decorations. Ballet is a reinterpretation of the classic Spencerian script style with a few whimsical twists in two different versions: Ballet aligned and crooked. However, with its ornate thin swashes, it will mainly work for larger laser-cut words.

What is the Best Script font?

Lily Script is a sturdy display script with a playful, bold texture. With its relatively thick connecting lines it will also work well for smaller cut-out texts. Linotype is an elegant script font inspired by French handwritings of the 17th and 18th centuries. Little Lara is a monowidth font inspired by the handwriting of a little girl.

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