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Frequently Asked Questions

Is ESV a good Bible?

“The ESV represents a new level of excellence in Bible translations―combining unquestionable accuracy in translation with a beautiful style of expression.” “The ESV is the simply the best translation for combining accuracy, readability, and fidelity to the rich history of English Bible translation.”

What does the Bible say about ESV?

What does the Bible say about paths? There are actually 84 verses in the Bible that are about paths (ESV). There are paths that lead us closer to the Lord and ones that obviously go the wrong way and further from Him. Definition of path in the Bible. There isn’t a specific verse that says, “Here’s the definition.” We can learn the definition by the word itself and how it is used.

What Bibles on Bible Gateway are in the public domain?

Quote from an older translation of the bible. Examples of bible versions now in the Public Domain include:-• ASV (American Standard Version) • KJV (King James Versions) The KJV is in the public domain in the United States. • YLT (Young’s Literal Translation, published in 1898) • Webster (Webster Bible, originally published in 1833)

What is gateway in the Bible?

– Bible Gateway What is Bible Gateway? Bible Gateway is a website that lets you read, search, and interact with the Bible. We offer many tools and resources to support you in those activities--things like Bible reading plans, devotionals, Bible reference works, and more--but at its core, Bible Gateway is about engaging with the text of the Bible.

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