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Frequently Asked Questions

What does John 14 1-31 mean?

John 14:1-31 (and here, too, I must be brief) follows up the same spirit of contrast with all that belonged to Judaism; for if the ministration of love in cleansing the saints practically was very different from a glorious reign Over the earth, so was the hope here given them of Christ just as peculiar.

What does John 11 33 say about the future?

--Comp. Note on John 11:33. He has spoken of the future of those who are true to their commission as Apostles. He now turns in deep emotion to him of whom those words cannot be spoken.

What does the Gospel of John emphasize about Jesus?

The Gospel of John emphasizes Jesus as God incarnate and the reality to which the entire biblical story points. John emphasizes this with his opening passages that states that Jesus was with God at creation and that Jesus is God.

What is the meaning of verses 21-30?

Verses 21-30 correspond with the scene which Matthew describes ( Matthew 26:21, etc.) as occurring during the Paschal meal, and preceding the departure of Judas before the Supper was instituted - "as they did eat."

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