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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best study bible?

The Life Application Study Bible, Third Edition, is quite simply the most complete Bible ever compiled.

What is the purpose of a study bible?

Application study Bibles tend to focus primarily (not exclusively) on helping you apply the Bible to various situations in your life. In other words, the main goal of an application study Bible is not to dig deep into the meaning of the text. Rather, it’s aim is to bring the various passages into the challenges you face.

What are the features of a study bible?

Study Bibles are loaded with insights and commentary to help you dig deeper. They include maps, graphs, concordances, and charts that shed light on biblical times.

What is the difference between study bibles?

A study Bible is different than the standard Bible you'd find in a church pew. They contain added features to help you learn more about your faith. That can range from historical and cultural context to themed Bibles geared towards a particular group of people like teens or women.

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