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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the goal of Bible Study Fellowship?

The goal of Bible study fellowship is to learn more about God’s Word and to grow in their relationship with him. Bible study fellowship is an interdenominational organization that teaches the Bible in a structured, interactive manner. Its goal is to help people develop a passionate commitment to Christ, His Word, and His church.

What benefits come from taking part in Bible Study Fellowship?

Bible study fellowship is a great way to grow spiritually and socialize with other believers. It allows believers to share life experiences and share faith together. Members are encouraged to take part in activities such as film screenings, community dinners, and bible verse interpretation. A Bible study fellowship can be fun and fulfilling.

What do I need to do to participate in Bible Study Fellowship?

Give BSF a try by downloading a complimentary study sample to do on your own or share with friends. Start your own in-depth Bible study, individually or with a group, or use as curriculum at your church. Receive encouragement from the true stories and biblical insights of BSF members impacted by God’s Word.

How many members are in Bible Study Fellowship?

Bible Study Fellowship is an in-depth Bible study offered free of charge, all over the world. Our four-fold approach includes daily questions, group discussion, teaching and biblical commentary. More than 400,000 members around the globe particiapte in online and area groups for men, women and children.

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