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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Bing have ads?

Most small and medium-sized businesses see Bing Ads as an afterthought, but they should really consider it sooner. Bing Ads uses a similar auction dynamic as the Google Ads auction, so the advertisers on Bing have numerous benefits from a lack of competition, such as better ad positions and cheaper costs per click.

What are Bing Product Ads?

Bing Product Ads are a type of ad that uses your product data feed to display content-rich, real-time, and engaging ads to Bing users. They display while users conduct product related searches.

What is Bing syndicated partners?

Syndicated Partners (SP) is a network of websites that use Bing Ads to monetise their search engines . Whilst there isn't a definitive list of websites included in this partner network, based on the number of impressions accrued, it's fairly vast - and growing. Here are a few examples of Bing ads across Syndicated Partner websites:

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