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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of bivouac in English?

Meaning of “bivouac” in the English Dictionary. "bivouac" in English. › a temporary shelter or camp for sleeping in outside, that is not a tent: The children made a bivouac at the bottom of the garden with some poles and an old blanket.

What is Bivouac Ann Arbor?

Bivouac is a top shopping destination in Ann Arbor and offers a wide selection of clothing, accessories, indie designer pieces, and popular street brands to outfit your life for the great outdoors (or indoors). Bivouac is a Clean Energy Supporter and part of #MIGreenPower, a new DTE initiative benefiting Ann Arbor and surrounding areas.

What is a bivouac sack shelter?

Generally it is a portable, lightweight, waterproof shelter, and an alternative to larger bivouac shelters. The main benefit of a bivouac sack shelter is speed of setup and ability to use in a tiny space as compared to tent-like shelters.

What is basebivouac outdoor?

Bivouac Outdoor provides quality outdoor clothing, camping gear and outdoor equipment from the world’s best brands for camping, climbing, tramping, training, snow sports and travel.

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