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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a bivouac?

It may often refer to sleeping in the open with a bivouac sack, but it may also refer to a shelter constructed of natural materials like a structure of branches to form a frame, which is then covered with leaves, ferns, and similar material for waterproofing and duff ( leaf litter) for insulation.

What is a bivouac sack shelter?

Generally it is a portable, lightweight, waterproof shelter, and an alternative to larger bivouac shelters. The main benefit of a bivouac sack shelter is speed of setup and ability to use in a tiny space as compared to tent-like shelters.

What are Artificial bivouacs made of?

Artificial bivouacs can be constructed using a variety of available materials from corrugated iron sheeting or plywood, to groundsheets or a purpose-made basha. Although these have the advantage of being speedy to erect and resource efficient they have relatively poor insulation properties. There are many different ways to put up a bivouac shelter.

How do bivouac bags work?

A traditional bivouac bag typically cinches all the way down to the user's face, leaving only a small hole to breathe or look through. Other bivouac sack have a mesh screen at the face area to allow for outside visibility and airflow, while still protecting from insects.

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