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Frequently Asked Questions

Why buy an off-road camper trailer?

Set up in the backcountry or a primitive campground, the right off-road trailer can take your outdoor experience to new levels of enrichment. Days filled with outdoor exploration, nights spent under star-filled skies, and some of the basic comforts of civilization are just a few of the rewards offered by a camping trailer with off-road chops.

Who makes XV-3 trailers?

The XV-3 Trailer ($12,495) from Schutt Industries is one of the recreational overlanding trailer products from a company that also manufactures industrial and military-grade cargo handling equipment. The company’s experience in these highly demanding fields has helped it create the XVenture line of off-road camping trailers.

What are the best overland camping trailers?

Escapade Campers offers two overland camping trailers, the Backcountry ($14,500) and MT-10. We like the Backcountry off-road camping trailer for its affordable starting price.

Which hiker trailers are best for off-roading?

One of our favorites is the Hiker Trailers Mid-Range XL Off-Road ($8,850). Designed for moderate off-roading on rugged dirt and gravel roads, the Mid-Range XL Off-Road trailer’s many features include a 3,500-pound-rated torsion suspension axle, two rear stabilizer jacks, and steel diamond plate fenders.

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