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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of bivouac?

1 : to make a bivouac : camp a place for the troops to bivouac. 2 : to take shelter often temporarily. transitive verb. : to provide temporary quarters for They were bivouacked in the gym during the storm.

What is the difference between bivouacking and habitation?

bivouacking - the act of encamping and living in tents in a camp. camping, tenting, encampment. inhabitancy, inhabitation, habitation - the act of dwelling in or living permanently in a place (said of both animals and men); "he studied the creation and inhabitation and demise of the colony".

What is the difference between bivouac and wild camping?

Wild camping: Unlike bivouac, wild camping is generally done by people who have a vehicle (van, camper) or who stay longer than one night in one place (for example if you go to the lakeside in the afternoon to make a bbq and you camp there).

What is the meaning of binivouac?

bivouac - a site where people on holiday can pitch a tent. campground, camping area, camping ground, camping site, campsite, encampment. land site, site - the piece of land on which something is located (or is to be located); "a good site for the school".

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