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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bivouac allowed in Belgium?

The situation in Belgium is quite simple since bivouac and wild camping are forbidden. However, there are a few public bivouac areas on Belgian territory that allow hikers to spend a night in the wilderness.

What is the difference between bivouac and wild camping?

Wild camping: Unlike bivouac, wild camping is generally done by people who have a vehicle (van, camper) or who stay longer than one night in one place (for example if you go to the lakeside in the afternoon to make a bbq and you camp there).

What is a bivouac mindset?

The bivouac mindset is: Dare to set off on an adventure without knowing in advance where you’re going to sleep Be well prepared to avoid as much as possible being in a complicated situation (water, location, gear…) Be as discreet as possible and respect the natural environment you are in

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