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Frequently Asked Questions

How many therapists are there for black girls?

The therapist directory, which can be found on the Therapy For Black Girls website, currently lists over 300 therapists in 34 states and Washington, DC, and Dr. Joy wants to increase that number to 500 and expand to other countries.

What is therapy for black girls?

With therapists who treat a wide range of needs and many online resources, Therapy for Black Girls works to make mental health treatment accessible to all women of color. While the company did not respond to our questionnaire, it’s clear that the company’s mission statement seems to resonate with the users we surveyed.

How do I find a black therapist?

The American Psychological Association has a website that can help you find a black therapist in your area. There are fields for ethnicity, race and religion to help you find someone who is the same. How much does therapy for black girls cost?

Why are black therapists important?

Black therapists can better relate and understand their culture, values, and experiences, especially those relating to systematic oppression, racism, and intergenerational trauma. Black Americans are disproportionately affected by mental illness and poverty.

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