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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get Bliss OS to work?

To get Bliss OS running, you'll have to resort to a USB drive to install the image or use a virtualization program of the likes of VirtualBox. It will boot a fully operational version of Android (in this case, Android Pie 9.0) from where you can install the APKs that you can download from Malavida, for instance.

What is Bliss OS (x86)?

Bliss OS (x86) Android for your PC An Open Source OS, based on Android, that incorporates many optimizations, features, and expanded device support. And it is available for just about any Chromebook, Windows/Linux PC or tablet released in the last 4 years

What is Bliss emulator?

Bliss Emulator is distributed in a few variants, including traditional builds of Bliss ROM for portable devices, GSI/Treble builds optimized for modern treble compatible devices (Android Pie+), and highly optimized X86 OS that can run on modern MBR/UEFI type bootloaders that become highly available since 2015/2016.

Is Bliss OS 14 stable?

Bliss OS 14 brings Android 11 to your x86 desktop PC The first alpha build of Bliss OS 14 is out, making it one of the first Android 11-based ROMs supporting the x86 environment. The build is obviously not stable, but it is proof that the developers are heading in the right direction.

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