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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bliss OS available on PC?

Bliss OS based on Android Pie for x86 PCs now comes with the Google Play Store. Although Android dominates the mobile OS industry, Google has never officially dipped its toes into the PC space. Thankfully, Android’s open-source nature and versatility let developers get creative and port the OS to many officially unsupported devices.

What is launcher 3 Bliss OS?

Based off AOSP Launcher 3 Bliss OS comes with a variety of added features for compatibility with ARM/ARM64 Apps and support for Widewine L3 DRM to play Netflix & Amazon Prime videos. As well as added configurations for gamepads and profiles for Tincore Keymapper, allowing users to game like never before

Is GAPPS available in BlissOS?

No gapps. No go. Without gapps android is not much use to most people (much as we would all love to ditch google). I understand its not available in BlissOS, I guess the question is: are there any plans to incorporate the ability to add it easily, a more prominent and clear explanation on the XDA home page would be useful.

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