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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the criterion blotter safe?

The Criterion Blotter is certified to meet EN61010-1* safety standard for safety of laboratory equipment. Certified products are safe to use when operated in accordance with theinstruction manual. This safety certification does not extend to other equipment or accessories not EN61010-1 certified, even when connected to the Criterion Blotter.

What is blotter module?

Blotter Module – records the list of blotter entries in the barangay. The user can also print the list of blotter entries and the system can separate the solved and unsolved cases. Activities Module – the list of important activities of the barangay.

Which certifying organizations are approved for the phlebotomist certification exam?

The following certifying organizations are approved by the Department for the phlebotomist certification examination: American Certification Agency (ACA) certification for phlebotomist is approved by the Department for phlebotomy certification as of July 30, 2003.

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