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Frequently Asked Questions

What does blotter mean in law enforcement?

The written record of events, especially arrests, that occur on a daily basis in a police station or precinct. The local newspaper has been printing the police blotter provided by the station every day for the past 70 years, regardless of what kind of crime has been happening in the town or not. See also: blotter, police

What is the origin of the word blotter?

Word Origin and History for blotter. Meaning "bad writer" is from c.1600. Sense of "day book" is from 1670s, and the word was applied early 19c. to rough drafts, scrap books, notebooks, and draft account books. Hence the police jargon sense "arrest record sheet," recorded from 1887.

What is a police station record blotter?

In the days before ballpoint pens, much less computers, police station house records were kept with ink pens, the writing from which had to be blotted to keep the ink from smearing. Sheets of paper might come and go, but the blotter's indelible imprint remained as a metaphorical reminder of the name of the person who was arrested.

What's life like in a police blotter?

Most of life is not what's on the police blotter, or the school board members who can't get along, or a politician saying there isn't enough money. He said earlier his family members' complaint had been written in the police blotter; however, they did not want to register FIR, saying the missing person was mentally challenged.

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