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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a blotter spot test?

The blotter spot test is a two-step process, namely sample preparation and sample analysis. In both cases, consistency must be maintained to ensure that data from each sample can be compared.

Does the routine blotter spot test program improve engine life?

Since the routine blotter spot test program was put into practice, no major engine failures have occurred and problems are now controlled in the early stages, helping increase engine life. Lantos, E., Lantos, F. and Lantos, J. (2002, July-August).

What is a western blot test?

The Western blot test is also known as a protein immunoblot test or immunoblotting. It was invented in 1979 to identify ribosomal RNA binding proteins. If you get a positive result for Lyme disease or HIV after taking an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) test, your doctor may recommend a Western blot test to you.

What is air compressor blotter test?

The air compressor Blotter Test is performed before sandblasting process i.e. SSPC-SP 5 (white metal cleaning), SSPC-SP 10 (Near-White Metal Cleaning), etc. The test can be performed with white absorbent paper.

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