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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the symptoms of hypochondriac OCD?

Homeopathic medicine for OCD that has hypochondriacal humour, with restlessness and anxiety. Fear of solitude, of spectres, and of robbers, with desire to hide oneself. Indecision and Changeable humour, which demands this at one time, that at another, and rejects everything after having obtained it.

How effective are homeopathic medicines for obsessive compulsive disorder?

Homeopathic medicines for obsessive compulsive disorder are very effective and have the power to break the chain of obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviors. Homeopathic medicines used to treat obsessive compulsive disorder are of natural origin and therefore, safe from any adverse side-effects.

What are the best home remedies for OCD?

HOMEOPATHIC REMEDIES FOR OCD 1 Arsenic album 2 Anacardium 3 Argentum Nitricum 4 Carcinosin 5 Hyoscyamus 6 Ignatia 7 Iodum 8 Medorrhinum 9 Natrum Mur 10 Natrum Sulph More items...

What are the most common obsessions of people with OCD?

The major among the obsessions are fear of dirt, germs, contamination; need for order and symmetry; unwanted thoughts or images in the mind.

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