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Frequently Asked Questions

What is bookish website? is a content discovery and ecommerce website, which launched in February 2013, devoted to books. The site allows users to browse an extensive database of books and authors, add books to user-created digital "shelves", get custom book recommendations, read editorial content and purchase physical books, ebooks, and audiobooks.

What is an example of a bookish sentence?

Examples of bookish in a Sentence Their teacher was a bookish fellow. “fealty” is a bookish synonym for “loyalty” Recent Examples on the Web Fey’s podcast team all share the same stylishly bookish appearance, with brown hair and glasses.

Is learning a bookish affair?

That does not mean that it is to be merely a literary or bookish education. I was born poor, but in fact we were a bookish family. Learning is not simply a bookish affair. A bookish man, he avoided society, and buried himself in his ample library.

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