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Frequently Asked Questions

What are box products?

Product Box is a collaboration framework that lets you leverage your customer’s collective retail consumer experiences by asking them to design a product box for your product. Not just any box, but a box that represents the product that they want to buy.

What is box order?

Box-top orders execute market orders at the current best price. If the order cannot be completely filled, a limit order is placed for the remaining shares at the price at which the filled portion was executed.

What is a signature box?

Signature Box. Originally released in 2010, the John Lennon Signature Box is an acclaimed collection that includes the eight remastered albums and an EP of Lennon’s non-album singles, all newly remastered in hi-res 96kHz/24bit digital resolution, plus several rarities available exclusively within the box set in 44.1kHz/24bit digital resolution.

What is a Boxee Box?

The Boxee Box is a small, and interestingly shaped, intel (Atom) based HTPC offering the usual like Wifi, Ethernet, HDMI, Analog and Optical Audio and an SD-Card reader.

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