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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Brexit still happening in the UK?

The UK has been bogged down by Brexit for over three years and the public is increasingly sick of hearing about it. Delivering Brexit has been impossible. Stopping it will be even harder As polls close on December 12 and the results of the UK's snap election drizzle in, only one question will matter: is Brexit still happening?

Will Brexit's Northern Ireland Protocol break the logjam?

Both the UK and EU are keen to strike a deal to break the logjam over Brexit's Northern Ireland Protocol before April's landmark 25th anniversary of Northern Ireland's historic Good Friday peace agreement.

Is Brexit a mistake?

Research also shows that although half of Britons believe Brexit was a mistake, less than a third now want to rejoin the EU Brexit-backing millionaire bought out GB news co-founders earlier this year The European Commission president’s remarks to the Irish Parliament were called ‘beyond disgusting’ by Tory MPs

Can Brexit and Northern Ireland be solved with good will?

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Thursday the latest problems surrounding Brexit and Northern Ireland could be solved with good will and common sense.

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