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Frequently Asked Questions

What did Maxson do in the Brotherhood of steel?

With Maxson's achievement came leadership and promotion to a provisional elder. Though young, Maxson was ready to lead and reunite the fragmented Brotherhood of Steel forces on the East Coast. He proved his ability in 2283, when he brokered a peace with the Brotherhood Outcasts, re-integrating them into the Brotherhood of Steel.

Who is the elder of the Brotherhood of steel?

An elder is either voted in by the chapter or promoted by the elder council from Lost Hills. As of 2287 the elder of the East Coast Chapter of the Brotherhood of Steel is Arthur Maxson, the last known descendant of Roger Maxson, the founder of the Brotherhood.

When did the Brotherhood of steel start?

The Lost Hills chapter, originally led by Elder Roger Maxson, is the founding chapter of the Brotherhood of Steel, beginning in 2082 . In 2076, the NBC division of West Tek achieved breakthrough results in the Pan-Immunity Virion Project.

What happened to the Brotherhood of steel in Fallout 1?

The Lost Hills bunker becomes the HQ of the Brotherhood of Steel the Vault Dweller finds in Fallout 1." "2135 Elder Roger Maxson dies of cancer, and his son, already an accomplished soldier, takes up the role of "General" (Elder) within the Brotherhood of Steel.

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