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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Brotherhood of the White Temple?

Three large issues a year : Light On The Path magazine The Brotherhood of the White Temple is a correspondence Church. It offers a series of lessons on every branch of occult, metaphysical and Spiritual Science, including healing. These lessons are divided into four Neophyte and twelve Temple grades.

How long does it take to get into the Brotherhood?

These sixteen grades require approximately four and one-half years to complete. Each grade has from twelve to twenty-seven lessons, one lesson being mailed each week. Upon completion of this course, the student may then be invited to enter the Inner Work of the Brotherhood.

What is the purpose of the Brotherhood?

It is the belief of the Brotherhood that the true teachings of the Bible have been lost by the orthodox churches. It is the purpose of the Brotherhood to restore these teachings to their original form, making them understandable to everyone, even the little child.

What is the Brotherhood of Cosmos?

The Brotherhood gives to its members a complete instruction in ALL of the fundamental laws of the Cosmos. It teaches the individual how to develop his own inner powers so that he becomes perfectly balanced on the three phases of manifestation, physical, mental and spiritual.

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