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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to stay in Brown County State Park?

For visitors preferring all the comforts of home a stay at Abe Martin Lodge (the Brown County State Park Inn) is just the ticket. Containing 84 bedrooms itself, Abe Martin Lodge also operates 24 sleeping cabins (containing 56 bedrooms) and 20 family housekeeping cabins.

Where is Abe Martin Lodge in Brown County?

The Abe Martin Lodge is nestled in the picturesque hills of Indiana’s largest state park, 16,000 acre Brown County State Park. The Main Lodge, built in 1932 of hand-hewn native stone and oak timber cut in the park, offers beautiful outdoor verandas overlooking the sloping back lawn, park and the hills.

Where is Brown County State Park in Indiana?

Brown County State Park is located in the United States in the center of the southern half of the state of Indiana. The park is the largest of 24 state parks in Indiana, and occupies 15,776 acres (63.84 km 2 )—making it one of the larger state parks in the United States.

When was Brown County State Park sleeping cabins built?

The original sleeping cabins (built in 1932) are paneled, motel-style rooms with electric heat and air-conditioning, carpeting (or wood floors), color television and a bathroom with shower. Linens, towels, etc. are furnished, but there are no kitchen facilities.

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