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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy large quantities of Bath Towels at wholesale prices?

When you need to order large quantities of bath towels at wholesale prices, Towel Super Center is your trusted source for savings, service and quality! We have a huge selection of wholesale bath towels in a wide range of colors, sizes, prices and styles. Take a look, and find out why saving money at the Towel Super Center is so easy.

What makes towel Super Center different from other bath towel wholesalers?

At Towel Super Center, we're different than other bath towel wholesalers because we make buying bath towels at affordable prices easy and fun. We have a wide selection of economy shower towels, premium bath towels and deluxe bath towels in different designs and colors, from black to sparkling white to striped.

Why should I bulk buy my towels?

You can easily care for our towels, and when it's time for new linens, bulk buying lets you easily replace them. We carry wholesale bath towels in several colors and patterns, so you can find and keep your towels faster and more easily. From a commercial pool to a luxury hotel to a home in need of towels, we can help.

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