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Frequently Asked Questions

How to buy a Gokart?

8 Best Places to Buy Go-Karts Buying Go-Karts from Online Marketplaces Online marketplaces remain one of the best ways to buy go-karts. ... Buying Go-Karts from Dealerships Dealerships are still a popular location to buy go-karts. ... Buying Go-Karts from Classified Ads I bet you still remember looking into the classified ad section of your local newspaper to spot any great deals. ... More items...

What is a drift go kart?

The Drifter Karts. The go karts are specifically designed to run on the high tech coated surface of our race track. Though strongly built they are still lightweight with a potent petrol engine that makes four wheel drifting around corners a breeze.

What is a go cart?

A typical go cart is a small vehicle consisting of a frame with an engine, seat, and steering wheel, covered with a fiberglass body.

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