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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a format specifier specifically for size_t?

Is there a format specifier specifically for size_t? The other length modifiers that are available are hh (for char ), h (for short ), l (for long ), ll (for long long ), j (for intmax_t ), t (for ptrdiff_t ), and L (for long double ). See § (7) of the C99 standard. Yes, there is. It is %zu (as specified in ANSI C99).

What is a format specifier in C++?

The format specifier is used during input and output. It is a way to tell the compiler what type of data is in a variable during taking input using scanf () or printing using printf ().

How to print size_t variable in C++?

The correct way to print size_t variables is use of “%zu”. In “%zu” format, z is a length modifier and u stand for unsigned type. The following is an example to print size_t variable. In the above program, a variable of size_t length is declared and initialized with a value.

What does the sizeof operator do in C++?

The sizeof operator returns a type of size_t. The proper format specifier for that type is %zu. If you use %lu to print a size_t, it may or may not work, depending on whether or not size_t is larger than a long. If size_t is larger, you have undefined behavior, if not the behavior is well defined.

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