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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose cactus drilling?

At Cactus, we value high-quality equipment and cutting edge technology… and we understand their significance in tackling today's complex drilling projects.

Why work at Cactus?

At Cactus, we believe the recruitment and development of good people is vital to the success of our company. With employment opportunities in Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana and New Mexico, we're continuously seeking top-quality individuals to join our team.

How do I apply for a job with Cactus?

If you're interested in employment with Cactus, visit our Job Application Page. There are two floor hand positions: Floor Hand and Lead Tong Hand. Each must daily inspect the tongs, breakout line, snub lines, and tong dies for damage, excessive wear, fraying oil soaks, etc. and keep them safe and in good repair.

What happened to central Leduc drilling?

Central Leduc Drilling was incorporated on July 11, 1947 and merged with Del Rio Oils to form Central-Del Rio Oils on April 9, 1957. The 1937 Financial Post Survey of Canadian Oils shows Central Oil & Gas Co., Ltd. as "Believed to be inactive as no trace can be found of company or no information has been made available on operations."

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