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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the history of Cactus Restaurant?

Opened in 1990, the original Cactus Restaurant was humble and inspired. In those early days, we were cooking Spanish tapas on beer crates using camping equipment. Thankfully, we’ve evolved a bit since the early days, but we’re still inspired by where we came from.

Is cactus on Madison a good place to eat?

The Mexican food is good but not as great as the salads Cactus on Madison is our go-to neighborhood restaurant and is always worth a visit, especially during the summer months when you can dine al fresco. The complimentary chips and salsa are first rate. The bar offers many different libations.

What is the food like at Cactus?

I love the food at Cactus! * Smoked brisket tacos with applewood-smoked brisket, cascabel salsa, jack cheese, red onion escabeche, cilantro. * Churros with cinnamon, sugar, warm Mexican chocolate. None are that healthy, but that's okay.

Where to eat on the beach in Seattle?

Join us on the beach and rediscover one of Seattle’s great treasures. Cactus Restaurant on Alki has large, roll-up garage doors, an outdoor patio and a perfect sunset view of the Olympics.

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