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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you feed a calf?

Feed your calf only high quality milk replacement formula and grains. Feeding your calf high quality food is the best way to prevent vitamin deficiencies. Formula that is at least 25% protein and fresh grains usually provide adequate amounts of the necessary vitamins and minerals calves need to remain healthy.

Why do I wake up with very tight calf muscles?

Night time cramps in the calf muscles are common, and often there is no evident cause. They occur more commonly with advancing age (and during pregnancy). Occasionally, they can be caused by other conditions, such as diabetes, electrolyte imbalance (eg, from kidney disorder, or from taking a diuretic water pill) or other metabolic conditions.

Does calf get shots?

If you are going to vaccinate or give a calf a shot you first have to ba able to handle it. Small calves can be roped and tied. Baby calves can be caught and held. Large calves will need a head gate or squeeze shoot to handle them. When you have them held know what you are giving them and how it is to be injected.

What does a calf eat?

For the majority of their lives, beef cattle eat a diet comprised of pasture grasses and other plants in the summer, and hay (dried grasses and plants) in the winter months. These grasses and plants are referred to as forages. Beef production begins with cow-calf operations that raise calves for the industry.

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