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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Beerus's Hakai attack work?

The attack is normally a Headshot, but if it does enough damage and the opponent is Goku Black, Beerus will instead use Hakai and erase the opponent from existence. Presumably, this is a reference to Beerus destroying Goku Black's past self, Zamasu.

Can Goku use Hakai?

Hakai, lit. "Destruction") is a powerful ability used by the Gods of Destruction. In the manga, Goku is also able to use it to a limited degree, Vegeta is capable of using it, and God of Destruction Mode Top can utilize it in the Dragon Ball Heroes .

Can Goku Master Beerus'erasure blast?

This concentrated erasure blast is used by Beerus a number of times in the series, to devastating effect. Dragon Ball toys with the idea that Goku could also master it, but Beerus is already there.

Can Goku beat Lord Beerus?

The Gods of Destruction, particularly Lord Beerus, make for a major shift in Dragon Ball Super. The concept introduces an incredible new tier of power that Goku becomes obsessed with. Accordingly, here are 5 facts that prove that Dragon Ball’s Goku could beat Beerus and 5 why he never will.

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