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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Beerus “Hakai” Whis and Champa?

Re: Can Beerus "Hakai" Whis and Champa ? i suspect he can't do it to someone who is equal/stronger to him (AKA whis), plus it was probably whis who taught him that. as for champa,it is stated in the Super Anime ( I'm not sure if in the manga too since i never read it) that Beerus is stronger then champa, so he could probably do it to him.

Can Beerus'Hakai'Whis and Champa meet Zamasu?

And that the "Hakai" technique was just an anime only thing. This really happened in the manga ? He's speculating. Beerus hasn't met Zamasu in the manga continuity, at the time of this writing. Re: Can Beerus "Hakai" Whis and Champa ? Kamiccolo9 wrote: Didn't Whis say something about "not daring to wake Beerus up" or something like that?

How does Beerus's Hakai attack work?

The attack is normally a Headshot, but if it does enough damage and the opponent is Goku Black, Beerus will instead use Hakai and erase the opponent from existence. Presumably, this is a reference to Beerus destroying Goku Black's past self, Zamasu.

Can Hakai kill Future Zamasu?

In the manga, Goku initially believes that Hakai can destroy an immortal like Future Zamasu, but Beerus later confirms it cannot. In the anime, Goku believes it cannot destroy an immortal, which Whis then indirectly supports by saying they have a sealing technique to deal with Zamasu.

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